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* I have added a new web site (www.Active-Pet.com) that provides information for pet owners about the benefits of exercise to their pet's health.  "An active pet is a healthy pet."  Please visit and check it our for information on dog exercises and how to prepare your dog to be your workout companion.  www.Active-Pet.com  The web address needs a dash between the Active and Pet so dash on over and check it out.

*I Spoke at this years Hits Conference in Dallas, Tx, August 28-31, 2016.  This conference is described as the "Premier K9 Training Event".

* I am trying to improve the Sportsvet.com website and how I provide information to those that may find it useful.  

* Downloadable CD
-This is an instructional presentation to help diagnose lameness and understand canine movement
-I made an AVI file that is now available in a downloadable format for the same price as the CD.

* Newsletter 
- Back issues are now in a downloadable format
The price is now $5.  

* I am trying to organize the information in a way that is easier to navigate.

Thank you all for the interest over the years.  I have been overseeing this site for almost 20 years.  I do it when time allows, so it has been really inconsistent, but I do enjoy interacting with others who also enjoy working with the Athletic and Working Dogs.

Optimizing Performance
- Robert L. Gillette, DVM, MSE

Canine Performance Science concentrates on optimizing the abilities of the dog as well as managin
g the related factors that can affect their performance.   Veterinary Sports Medicine is the field of Veterinary Medicine that focuses on how best to treat and manage the patient in a manner that allows for the restoration of normal form and function after injury or illness.

Although I enjoy working with all animals, I truly love the challenge of working with elite canine athletes and working dogs.  To me, being part of the team that prepares the dog is as exciting as being there when they need me as a veterinarian.  That is why I have devoted almost half of my life (25 years) to understandnig all forms of canine performance and researching ways to optimize canine performance as well as how best to rehabilitate these elite patients.  For a more information on this please visit the page Canine Sports Medicine Overview.

Defining Performance

There are many types of dog sporting and working activities.  Although there are many activities, there are three basic physiological definitions in which these activities can be grouped.  The three basic groups are Sprint, Endurance and Strength.  I am hoping that grouping them in this manner makes it easier to find related information.  I will be designing it so that the menu on the left can be used to locate related information.  The Acitivity Definitions page was designed to answer which activities fall under the three physiological definitions.   

Instructional and Informational Sources

There was a time that I developed a newsletter, "The Athletic and Working Dog Newsletter".  I did this for over 6 years, publishing a newsletter every other month.  Most of that information  is still pertinent and those issues are now available in a downloadable pdf format.  Visit the Newsletter page for more information.

My Post-Doctoral degree is in the field of Biomechanics and one of my passions include biomechanics and how this applies to canine lameness diagnostics in the Veterinary field.  I created the Instructional CD titled "Analyzing Motion and Soundness of the Dog" for veterinarians and other interested individuals to provide an informational resource on Functional Anatomy, Basics of Movement, Locomotion and suggested Palpation Techniques to help diagnose obscure lameness.  For more information visit the Instructional Compact Disc page.  It is now available in a downloadable format.

New Veterinary Services at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Gillette is now working at the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in Tinton Falls, NJ.

Phone (732) 747-3636 or please click above for more information.

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Analyzing Motion and Soundness of the Dog

An introduction to the basics of Canine Anatomy, Locomotion, Gait Analysis, & Palpation.

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The Athletic and Working Dog Newsletter

A Newsletter that discusses optimizing performance, training, conditioning, preventing injuries, therapeutics, and rehabilitation. Six Issues per year.

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CAV-Gait Analysis for the Dog

Computer-Assisted Videographhic Gait Analysis for the Athletic or Working Dog.

For those with an interest in Greyhound Racing I am including some information related to the racing environment and the racing surface. Some of the information provided is based on data from a study funded by the Kansas Racing Commission back in 1990.The rest is based upon experience working with racing Greyhounds, racing commissions, and track management.
Enhancing the Greyhound Racing Experience

Evaluating the Greyhound Racetrack Surface for Proper Management

Feel free to e-mail us at: k9care@sportsvet.com

I am Excited to be Co-Hosting (Along with Dr. Sarah Shull) the Michigan State University Canine Sports Medicine Symposium.  It is open to Owners, Handlers, Veterinarians and all interested individuals.  It will be held at the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine.  Please see their website for more information

Recently I was a guest on "Your Pet Matters".  We discussed the field of Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation and how it has improved the return to function of canine athletes and pets in general.  Here is a link to the full broadcast of the show.

Pet Physical Therapy with Rob Gillette!

Dr. Gillette and Dr. Takiwa"Your Pet Matters" with host Dr. Mike Takiwa on 107.7 - The Bronc

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